Education abroad

Tonight’s rain and walking alone gave me the idea of writing this piece .
What I am writing is noting but my own self of view and I accept any comment regarding that .
The main topic I’m willing to write about is .
Education outside ones hometown .
Well everyone is supporting the idea of going abroad for education and related matters, but I am writing from another prospect and that should be the base of distinguishing between this draft writing and other systematic and research paper across globe .
There are few things that would result for ones to take the decision of going abroad and those are as fallows .

1: people take the decision of studying abroad because they are not satisfied with their own educational standards and it’s very logical reason .
I am adding one thing too , that studying abroad is wider than scoring and getting international recognized degree .
People whom are choosing abroad for their studies based in this reason , please keep in mind that there are more opportunities available and you are very welcome to experience those .

2: curiosity .
There are another bunch of people who are very curious about experiencing other cultural and life styles
The best way of satisfying those people are nothing but an educational plan and people of those benches will get their education degree as well by end of the day , because the educational arena has it’s own influences and it will turn people to attend the exams and take their degrees as well , even if they are not there for the purpose of study .
And since mankind is borne to be unique , I believe there would be unlimited number of people with their unlimited desires and unique behavior and they may be holding any attitude for their life style , and those defers from one to another .
Hence based on any reason which is motivating you to take an educational plan at first place and choosing your region of choice as second .
You are in the very right direction , welcome home .
To not go too far from the subject matter we are discussing .
There are certain things that demotivates candidates to while taking the decision of going abroad , we will discuss those to maintain the equilibrium of our discussion .

1: fair of second language and imaging of ones self as failure who could not adjust with new environment .
Most of the guys ( as experienced ) while thinking of going abroad , the first thing demotivates them is the fear of second language and they might be thinking that academical studies will be very tough since it won’t be on their native languages .
And if this is the reason demotivating you from taking such a wonderful decision , I assure you that you can overcome such a disqualification very easily , please don’t let it to burn your bright future as you are going to have not only based on studies but you will experience a totally new life and you love living around .
And for the second phase . fear of adjustment with environment .
It’s not even an issue , don’t even give a portion of your mind to think of it as a problem and priority .

2: home sickness and inability of tackling with day to day life necessities .
Will we are all from the same generation and I can understand the fear of ones that even he is not capable of bringing his own dish from the kitchen , how can he imagine of going abroad , he will be totally shock of handling his own life , which he never did till the date.
Buddy it’s not a big deal at all 😉 you will easily overcome such a problem .

But imagine that what will it turn you after living a three years of life by your own while making every single decision by your self , you will learn the fundamental of living and those three years of life will be a base for your whole life and I assure you that you will live differently , you will think different and you will deal with issues differently and it really worth of suffering those years of your own .
I can not explain my status but let me make it very short !
Even if there is 1% possibility of doing your education outside your country .
Make it possible , you won’t regret .


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