Well i don’t want to distract myself from studying ( exam times ) by writing here what crosses my mind , but I am valuing it because its more an experience and worth writing here .
If you don’t stand for anything , you will fall for everything .
This is a very famous quote and I am sure a wise man has formed that .
It worked the same way for me too ! While I was losing weight .
Maybe it’s not a big achievement, but for me it means more than losing weight !
I gained my confidence and it totally changed my behavior towards life .
I believe now ! That anyone who is not satisfied of his life, in any manner ; it is because he never dreamed of a better one !
Nothing is impossible ! It is the most used sentence in every individuals life but no none gone deep enough to know the real meaning of it , people just used it as tool of communication and as missing part of their topics !
But in practical life it is ! And it’s working quite nice , people just need to give a try !
And to escape from all philosophical conclusion which is now frizzed my mind !
Let me directly ask you the core question .
What is your next objective if you achieved one rather it was pushed to you !
Set a target and give your best shot and I assure you of its implication .


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