Draft work !

Are you sure !
That was when she replied ” from my soul ”
The boy laughed and they went to get married annoying the civil boundaries they were taped into .
In a society where there is no appreciation for ones to chose his/her life partner of course there will be traditional ways of handling such mistakes from others point of view which actually that is right thing the new couple intend to do .
They went to court claiming to get officially married but it was so surprising for judges as they were the first young adults in history of such a community for getting married in their own wish without permission of their families, which of course they were against it in first place .
Anyhow with so much of headache till convincing judges to compile their marriage paper works , they finally got married.
From this moment onwards there were bunches of obstacles in their way of buying their livelihood as they were both dismissed from their legacy right as they have done the unforgivable mistake one can do in his life !
Even there was danger of their lives if situation would have turn worse than that !
Instead of supporting the new couple they are being annoyed both from family and relatives at large .
They are not having anyplace to live than their warm hearts in the middle of such a cold weather where indoors are getting frizzed !
Hence they knew what they are up to and where it may takes them if they do not do anything regarding their coming life which can be better or worse depends in the choices they may make .
Every single decision they make can lead them to danger or prosperity but they were so confident and faithful about each other that even impossibles were not a tension to them .
Of course no one were their to stand behind this new couple as it was held to be against their cultural and believes but there are never closed doors at all , one or another in any purpose may be , will be there to help , because its written and it must happen !


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